After setting you up, we charge $18 per recipient.

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One-time Setup

Develop your communication strategy

One of our account managers will meet with you to craft your communication strategy, review your prospect list and fine tune your call to action.

Tailor fit your messaging style

We will review samples of emails for your prospects to fine-tune the call to action, signature and voice that best fits your brand.

Connect your email and CRM

We will make sure your team email and CRM are linked up to ensure that responses can be easily handed over to your account and to make sure every recipient can be verified before sending.


Per Prospect

Each recipient recieves up to 6 messages

Followups are key to getting responses. With a personalized approach, we reccommend up to 6 total messages for the best chance to get a response at a resonable cost.

Each message goes out at the perfect time

The delivery time of your emails is important. We deliver our emails at the ideal times when there is the highest probability of them getting opened and our followups come at the perfect cadence.

Our capacity is unlimited

We are a workforce dedicated to your business. This means we can write exponentially faster than any human alive. Order as many prospects as you need written to and we’ll have them ready in no time.

Spend more time closing deals

Once a recipient responds, we hault all outreach allowing you to do your thing. Get in touch with us and take it for a whirl.